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Simple social media strategies to help you find a job

Friday 10 March 2017 by AP Group HR

Social recruiting is the new trend in Jersey and Guernsey, but do you know how to get noticed on social media?  

Recruiting through social media – also known as social recruiting – has revolutionised the way staff are identified and hired in today’s job market. This trend is no different in Jersey and Guernsey, where companies and recruitment agencies are increasingly looking beyond traditional recruitment methods, such as press classifieds and job boards.

You may be an avid social media user, but do you know how to get noticed by recruiters? Do you know how to use social media in your job search?

Here are 6 simple social media strategies to help you land a job. We promise you will be surprised with the results!

  1. Keep your online profile up-to-date ( and clean!)

This is one of those points that we have reiterated time and again in our blog posts, because the age old adage “First impression lasts long” is still true today. Whether you are an active or passive jobseeker, the way you present yourself on social media goes a long way in how your future employer perceives you. To start with, you need to have a decent profile photo, preferably a headshot, and a cover photo that shows your interest or industry. You can get away with a slightly casual photo for Twitter and Facebook profiles, but not LinkedIn (especially if you work in finance industry). Give special attention to your bio – this is what makes you searchable! Make your bio keyword heavy, on both your Twitter (140 characters) and LinkedIn (2000 characters) profiles. Your keywords can include job title, skills, interests and location. 

  1. Let your interest be known

Job hunting is no longer a private affair. If you are not shy from sharing your wild party photos or venting your frustrations online, then why should your job search – which is so important to you - be hidden from social media? (Make sure you keep those photos private though! Under privacy settings, choose “Friends Only”). A quick tweet or a LinkedIn tagline ‘looking for opportunities in…” can go a long way, if you are actively job seeking.

  1. Join online groups

There are many Facebook groups related to jobs in Jersey and Guernsey, where local employers and recruiters often post their jobs. Facebook Marketplace is another interesting social media feature that allows you to look for jobs in your local area. Participating in LinkedIn groups can help you stay up-to-date with industry topics and build your professional network. Remember, recruiters keep an eye on these groups to find potential candidates.

  1. Follow relevant companies

Most companies and recruitment agencies regularly advertise jobs on Facebook and Twitter. Following relevant companies on social media can help you stay in the loop.

  1. Monitor industry related hashtags

Hashtags are one of the easiest tools to use to bring up job postings related to your specifications, i.e. industry, location etc. For example, if you are looking for a trust job in the Jersey finance industry, you can set up a seach using specific hashtags like #JerseyJobs #trustjobs #JerseyFinance, #ChannelIslandsJobs along with generic ones like #jobs, #jobsearch, #career and #hiring. Use similar hashtags in your tweets as well, so that recruiters can easily find you.

  1. Ask questions, post comments – Be social!

Just joining groups or following business pages won’t bring results. You will have to actively participate within the group. Ask questions. Post comments. Share relevant articles. Social media is all about being social! You have a question and want immediate response? Shoot them a message or tweet your query. This way you can engage with recruiters and potential employers in real time.

  1. Read industry blogs

Reading industry related blogs can help you stay up-to-date with the job market, skill shortages, and can also give you job leads. You can also comment and share your views, increasing your chances of being noticed.

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