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Salary Guides for Guernsey and Jersey 2012/13

  • Publish Date: Posted 29 November 2012
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost

​The employment market is competitive, particularly within finance, and you need to be sure that you benchmark your salary packages against your competitors' to be an attractive prospect for top talent.

AP Personnel have released new salary guides in Guernsey and Jersey. The updated format offers salary indications for range of sectors including banking, insurance, compliance, trust, funds, accounting and many more; a yearly summary of the market state for the financial sector as well as indications of salary fluctuation in comparison to the previous year.

Our guides draw on extensive research of local markets using new vacancies that become available, and information provided by both clients and candidates.

The AP Personnel salary guides would benefit larger as well as smaller organisations for new staff hire, staff appraisals and salary reviews.

For more information or to register, please email or telephone +44 (0) 1481/1534 715757