Forex Jobs in Cyprus

​The Forex and binary operations industry, primarily concentrated in Limassol, make up a significant proportion of the industry of the island nation, Cyprus. A diversified and established sector, the Forex industry broadly comprises of brokers, traders, regulatory advisors, market analysts, business developers, and marketing experts.

Based in Limassol, AP Personnel’s Cyprus team is strategically placed to meet the staffing needs of the Forex industry, using deep local market knowledge, unrivalled contacts and innovative talent sourcing methods.

There are various jobs within Forex sector, including:

  • Forex Market Analyst

  • Business Development

  • Corporate Lawyer

  • Relationship Manager

  • Account Manager

  • Exchange Operations Manager

  • Brokers and Traders

​Looking to recruit Forex specialists in Cyprus?

AP Personnel has a large database of top Forex professionals currently seeking employment, so if you are seeking a new talent to join your organisation contact one of our local recruitment consultants in Limassol.