Salary Guides

Do you know if your salaries are in line with your competitons'?

Attracting and keeping the best talent means offering a rewarding, fair and enticing salary package and to do this you need to know the market place. 

How our salary guides help

We provide salary guides for junior to management level finance positions and contract rates for temporary workers in Guernsey and Jersey, including banking, insurance, compliance, trust, funds, accounting and many more.

All guides list a range of positions with a low, average and high salary indication, an indication of yearly salary fluctuation and a yearly market review for each specialist area.

Our guides are based on extensive market research, as well as taking into consideration RPI. We update these every quarter.

Please note that due to the complex nature of some positions and so many differentials, if this information does not appear in our guide we will provide this on an ad-hoc basis.

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