Banking Jobs in Guernsey and Jersey

One of the largest industries in the Channel Islands, Banking / Private Banking offers a wide range of jobs in Guernsey and Jersey. Recognised for banking sector worldwide, Channel Islands offer opportunities to permanent, contract and temporary professionals from junior to mid-management level with experience or graduates. Either incorporate or private banking, savings, institutional business, trusts, funds or wealth management, AP Personnel works with a range of local and international finance institutions offering career opportunities.

The products and services banks offer can vary greatly, depending on the customers they serve. Consequently, while some career opportunities are generic across the industry, others will only be available at some banks.

The high-street bank is probably the most familiar as it provides essential services to the local community, whether individuals or businesses. That's where your current account is likely to be. In addition, there will be savings accounts available and it will probably be the place where you would arrange a personal loan or even a mortgage. There will be other products on offer, but these are the core services.

Building societies and one or two other banks specialise in attracting deposits from customers, often by offering high rates of interest. When collected, those monies are usually (ultimately) loaned to other group customers, perhaps in countries such as the UK.

Then there are the private banks, which provide services to very wealthy individuals. In addition to the offering of deposit and loan facilities, there is often the need to provide (or have access/referral to) investment, tax planning and estate management. While some clients of private banks are likely to be local, the majority are from other jurisdictions and require experienced, knowledgeable staff to assist in the management of their affairs.

Other banks specialise in offering services, not to individuals directly, but to clients (usually companies) of the other parts of Guernsey's financial sector - fund administration, investment, fiduciary (trust) and insurance. Indeed, these are often the largest banks found here in terms of numbers employed.

We have already mentioned that banks provide traditional services such as deposits in multiple currencies, personal loans and mortgages, as well as access to very specialist areas. There are several more in addition to these, and below I have listed the main ones, as well as mentioning some of the key support areas upon which banks rely in order to support their clients and businesses. These all offer career opportunities.

​Typical services and, therefore, career opportunities:

  • Office Support

  • Accountant

  • Credit Risk Manager

  • Relationship Manager

  • Account Manager

  • Fund Administrator

  • Assistant Manager

​Who is eligible for a career in banking?

As illustrated above, there are many different types of career available within banking, and the industry is always on the lookout for graduates or young people with good A-level qualifications.

Historically speaking, however, banks have found significant numbers of individuals from other sources who have either built successful careers or been happy to play important roles in dealing with the day-to-day requirements of running a successful business. Therefore, people from other parts of the finance sector, individuals with other experience and skills, working mums and those wishing to return to work, should also consider applying for roles.