Right to Work in Jersey

If you are not a Jersey resident please ensure you are eligible to work and live here before applying for a vacancy based on the island.

Under the Regulation of Undertakings and Development Law Jersey employers are required to employ persons who are locally qualified. Qualification is given as per the below:

  • Residentially qualified persons falling within any of the Housing Regulations excluding Regulations (1) and (m);

  • Persons here for the last consecutive 5 years:

  • The spouses of 1, or 2 above; (Please note that locally qualified status cannot be passed to unmarried partners);

  • The children under 18 years (or if students under 25 years) of those in 1, 2, or 3 above.

When an employer can demonstrate that they cannot find a 'locally qualified' person to fill the employment post then they can apply for a licence to employ someone who is not 'locally qualified'. These licences are usually afforded to highly skilled professionals such as lawyers and accountants. There are also essentially employed licences but these tend to be for the medical profession and such like.

Some industries have what is known as a 'blanket licence' entitling the employer to fill a certain amount of vacancies with 'non-locally qualified' persons. These industries have traditionally struggled to fill vacancies with qualified individuals and so therefore have been granted dispensation to source employment from the entire market.

There are also strict laws regarding accommodation available to persons who are not 'residentially qualified'  

Before your application can be processed we would like to draw your attention to the legislation regarding employment for individuals who do not have five years continuous residency on the island. Please take some time to view the information on;

Regulation of Undertakings and Employees

If you are not locally qualified, please send us your CV including a cover letter detailing your qualification for obtaining employment.

For more information please visit States of Jersey