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AP Personnel's L’Eree Confidential have started the league

  • Publish Date: Posted 18 November 2013
  • Author: Gina Le Prevost

​The Touch Rugby team L’Eree Confidential, sponsored by AP Personnel, has recently started the league and already is proving to be a great match for the longer running Guernsey’ teams. They have only just started the league and are all completely new to Touch Rugby. The players are all the age between 23 and 26, with Victoria Brouard as the Team Captain. Most of the players have come from the same school and have largely known each other since we were 4/5 years old. They have only learned to play about a month ago and have had 3 games so far.

Recently they played the long term reigning Touch Champions, half of their team play for the island and although L’Eree Confidential lost 8-3, it still puts them in a good position against some of the more experienced teams, which have been less successful against the leaders.  They hope with more experience they will become a really good team.

Recruitment consultant at AP Personnel and a player for the team, Alicia Robert commented; ‘We have high hopes for our next few games and will be re-entering in the next league where hopefully we will be more successful as we will no longer be a newbie team!’

The recruitment team at AP Personnel are extremely proud with their colleague and the team’s success so far.