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Q&A with Jersey Recruitment Consultant

  • Publish Date: Posted 09 October 2015
  • Author: AP Group

​As AP Personnel continues to grow with each passing year, our consultants get involved in exciting and challenging roles, providing bespoke professional service to clients and candidates. Our recruitment consultant speaks about the experience this year and shares insight into current job market trends, sought-after skills at the moment and much more.  

How has your 2015 been so far and your outlook for the conclusion of the year.

I have had a good start to 2015 dealing with temporary financial roles and since recently I have taken over the commercial recruitment in Jersey. This represents a new direction for the Jersey office and I am thrilled at being tasked with the new responsibility of handling temporary and contract assignments in this sector.

What sectors currently have most jobs available in Jersey?

Finance and banking sectors are currently very active in Jersey, but we are also undertaking commercial sectors such as construction, property and building management.

As with any specialised sector, there is a shortage in certain areas for skilled professionals. This shortage is partially due to the fact that many candidates don't use any recruitment agencies, and it becomes a challenge for consultants like me to source the right candidate with the specialised skill set requested by clients. I would advise any job seeker to register with an agency as otherwise might miss a great job opportunity.

What are the 5 top sought after skills?



Qualified Electricians

Civil and Structural Engineering

Engineering and Technology

Building and Construction Management

What is your top advice to candidates in today's market?

Make sure your CV is updated and perfectly tailored to the job description. Don't exaggerate your skills and always keep evidence ready to back up your claims.

How would you recommend candidates go about developing an understanding of the industry he/she wants to work for?

The best way to develop an understanding of your chosen industry is to spend time researching on the internet. The internet is a treasure trove of information and can equip you with the relevant knowledge needed to succeed. Discussing with your contacts in the industry can also be beneficial.

Describe your perfect job seeker

According to me, a perfect job seeker is someone who is proactive, enthusiastic and confident. One who actively engages in job search and does not wait for opportunities to come knocking on the door.

What is the key to writing a successful CV?

Being honest and accurate in your CV can get you success in your job search. It is also important to highlight your skills and strengths that match with the job requirements - you cannot assume that employers, especially HR Departments, will know the underlying skills that you take for granted as being known about.

What's the role of a recruitment consultant like you in job

As a recruitment consultant, my role involves a variety of different things. You have to identify the roles, get the client on board, identify your candidates, build up your database and of course match the candidate to the vacancy! You have to ensure that the client is convinced of your bespoke service, and the candidate knows you are acting with complete integrity and confidentiality when dealing with them.

Recruitment consultants also provide additional services such as careers advice to candidates and many client services that an organisation may be lacking internally. We have insight knowledge and understanding from candidates and companies, therefore it gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to filling a job more efficiently.  

Any additional comments

A positive attitude goes a long way!