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How Temping can shape up your long-term career prospects #CareerShapeUp – I

  • Publish Date: Posted 05 February 2016
  • Author: AP Group

As part of our "Get Your Career Into Shape!" Campaign, we've been sharing career and job search related tips and advices throughout the month of February. This article is first in the #CareerShapeUp series.

With the job market picking up in certain sectors post recession, the rise in popularity of temping indicates positive outlook for job seekers. By offering numerous opportunities and flexibility, temping has become the new age formula for long-term career growth prospects.

Temping was once seen only as  a bridge between permanent jobs. But with the changing times, temporary work has evolved tremendously and encompasses a broad range of roles across various sectors. This means the talent pool for temp positions is also quite diverse, ranging from less skilled office support staff or clerks to highly educated professionals like trust administrators, accountants or compliance officers.

In fact, whether you are looking to enhance your skills, or exploring options to enter into a permanent role, temping can provide a great chance to test the waters before settling.

Here's our list of five ways how temping can shape up your long-term career plan:

1)  Enhance Employability Skills

Temp work is a good way to gain relevant job skills in the industry of your choice. This not only provides you with the scope to gain hands-on-experience but adds brownie points to your CV. So the best route forward is to first zero in on your niche area, and then apply for roles that fit your career profile. Sending speculative CVs across different sectors won't help: temping is most beneficial for your career only when approached strategically with sufficient information. Specialist temp recruitment agencies can help you get the right temp/contract job: one that allows you to develop your skill set and maximises your potential. 

2)  Helps Build Contacts

Whether you are looking for a new opportunity elsewhere or opportunities within the same organisation, a strong network of contacts can come handy in your job search. Often internal job vacancies are not advertised, and the best way to tap into these hidden opportunities is to leverage your contact base. You can also ask for references or referrals from your contacts when the need arises. Moreover, as an industry insider, your contact will be able to provide you with crucial information and career advice. This is where temping can help you build your list of contacts in your niche sector.

3) May Fetch You A Permanent Position

Temping allows you to get your foot in the door; and if you are able to prove yourself as a valuable asset to the company, there are chances of your temp position being converted into a permanent one. Hiring a temp worker also works in favour of the company as they don't need to invest too much time and resources on training a new staff.

4) Helps Decide Your Long-term Career Plans

Your temping gig gives you the opportunity to test the waters before settling on a permanent role. If you are not happy with the organisation or feel you don't fit in that industry, it is better to look for a new role or consider alternative career options.

5)  Gives Industry Experience

Most employers look more favourably at candidates with relevant industry experience. But how do you get the experience without being in a job? Temping is a solution to this problem. Through temping, you get to apply your knowledge and training in a practical environment, whilst developing new skills. You get a taste of different company cultures and job types in your sector; thus it prepares you for your future career. Whether you're a recent graduate or someone considering a career change, temping can equip you with invaluable skills and work experience for a brighter future.

Temping works best for you only when it perfectly suits your future ambitions; however finding the right temporary work can be daunting. Here, temp staffing agencies can be the gateway to your perfect temp job. With experienced specialist consultants and a large database of clients, AP Personnel is uniquely placed to assist job seekers in the Channel Islands in their search for temporary/contract roles. Our extensive industry experience means we will make sure you get the ideal position that allows you to develop your career in the direction you have wanted.   

If you are looking for a temp/contract role or want to explore opportunities in the financial and commercial sectors, get in touch with our AP Personnel consultants for a confidential and friendly chat!!