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Workplace Bullying: Why You Should Speak Up Against It?

  • Publish Date: Posted 30 August 2016
  • Author: AP Group

​Do your feel particularly ill the night before work week? Are you being isolated by your colleagues? Well, all these could be signs that you're being bullied at work. 

While bullying is a highly prevalent workplace issue, it often becomes hard for people to realise the signs of bullying.

With the aim to encourage and promote a healthy work environment, we're highlighting some of the common issues at workplace that often get brushed under the carpet. This week we're focussing on workplace bullying - a systematic and persistent pattern of mistreatment at work that jeopardises health, career and work productivity.

We caught up with Lyndsay Ray, AP Group's Head of HR, to find out more about this problem and know how to deal with it. 

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If you have been a victim of bullying at work and seek confidential advice, please contact our HR office at AP Group offers free one-on-one advice on career, job search and workplace issues.