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Jersey Remains a Magnet for Young Job Seekers

  • Publish Date: Posted 06 April 2018
  • Author: Faron Le Prevost

With more than two decades of presence operating from offices in the region, Jersey’s leading recruitment agency, AP Personnel, provides insight into the latest recruitment trends that are currently influencing the region.  

The last five years in Jersey have been particularly stagnant with regards to recruitment growth; however, the island is currently experiencing immense growth in both the finance and commercial sectors, with countless junior and entry-level positions on offer and an environment that is extremely welcoming of young, aspiring individuals. 

Demand for Young Talent High 

If you are a young job seeker it makes sense to consider a career in Jersey, as there is enormous potential to accelerate in your career here. As a leading offshore finance centre, Jersey has a diverse financial industry that is constantly developing and adapting to market changes. 

School leavers and graduates situated in Jersey are presented with heightened opportunities to kick-start their careers in sectors such as accounting, audit and tax, banking, consultancy, corporate finance, financial advisory and insurance, even if they do not possess further academic qualifications or experience within their chosen sector. 

Furthermore, there are numerous international companies situated here, many of which are increasingly looking beyond university qualifications when hiring employees, instead of searching for individuals who possess the skills needed to adapt to the technologically complex and rapidly evolving world of business. 

Although this by no means undermines the value of a university degree or professional qualification, it certainly highlights a shift in recruitment trends and emphasises the importance of soft skills such as communication, responsibility, teamwork, decisiveness, problem-solving, a positive attitude and an ability to work under pressure. This also demonstrates that the region is now more welcoming than ever of school leavers and graduates – something which too few young job seekers are currently taking advantage of. 

Financial and Commercial Centres Continue to Thrive

In recent times, Jersey has developed into a strong hub for both financial and commercial firms and the island has a competitive employment environment that young job seekers should certainly take advantage of. As more and more businesses continue to position themselves in the region, the financial and commercial sectors continue to grow at a steady rate, contributing significantly to Jersey’s favourable working environment. Provided the island is able to offer a consistently positive environment for young employees, the availability of attractive placements will continue to remain high. 

All of this and more makes Jersey one of the most internationally buoyant locations for establishing your career in, while factors such as salary, career progression and study support are also excellent within companies that do employ young job seekers. 

Many companies in Jersey are eager to hire young people, however, it is essential that young people are as equipped and prepared as possible before entering the world of work in the region. Further,  if you are considering a career in Jersey, your foundations must be robust with excellent A-Level grades, particularly if you are seeking a career in finance, banking or insurance, which all require strong numerical and IT skills along with the ability to grasp complex matters. 

In addition to gaining good grades, it is also vital to do plenty of research and know the different areas of specialisation within the finance sector. It is also advised to explore the different local training schemes available, as undertaking a training course will equip you with fundamental work skills, refine your knowledge of your chosen sector and prepare you academically and vocationally for your chosen career. 

For any young job seeker, finding employment can seem overwhelming. One of the easiest ways to overcome the challenges presented and truly capitalise on Jersey’s thriving industry is to appoint the services of a professional recruitment agency. With in-depth industry knowledge and the ability to successfully guide job seekers on their chosen career path, staffing agencies such as AP Personnel can assist young job seekers in countless ways.

AP Personnel has a strong presence on the island since 1998 and is suitably equipped to support young job seekers through the recruitment experience.  For instance, we offer tailored career guidance and counselling to help school leavers evaluate their employment options and choose their preferred career. We also give job seekers expert advice on further professional training and qualifications needed to augment their chances of landing their ideal job, thus arming them with the tools and resources needed to shine in their interview and succeed in their vocation of choice. 

With the guidance and support of a professional recruitment agency, school leavers and graduates seeking employment in Jersey’s flourishing finance and commercial sectors can more accurately navigate their way through the recruitment process, gain expert advice on further professional qualifications and training, maximise their career prospects and land the job of their dreams.   

AP Personnel is one of Jersey’s leading recruitment agencies with a team of experienced advisors providing one-on-one support and guidance to job applicants from junior level and beyond. If you are a young job seeker hoping to advance your professional career in Jersey, contact our team today. 

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Original article published in Jersey Evening Post Careers Review on 05.04.2018