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Opportunities for School Leavers and Graduates Better than Ever

  • Publish Date: Posted 15 June 2018
  • Author: Faron Le Prevost

​Guernsey’s job market has shown great signs of recovery in the recent years with many employment opportunities across all the main sectors, including financial services, commercial, media and IT. The job market here has been boosted since 2017 by a flourishing finance sector plus many international companies opening mainly due to Brexit looming and Guernsey being seen as a safe haven with its own laws and citizenship of the Commonwealth. In 2017 alone, 15 new businesses relocated to Guernsey, creating many new job opportunities for islanders. For those looking to start their careers, it has never been a better time to find entry-level employment or apprenticeships in Guernsey. 

Young Talent Highly Sought After 

With a well-regulated industry and an adaptable, competitive employment environment, young talent is highly sought after and Guernsey remains extremely accommodating to junior-level job seekers. 2018 continues to demonstrate growth across most sectors and as such, there are many opportunities for graduates and many businesses are in great need of high-quality candidates to continue to help build on this success and growth.  

For those seeking an alternative to studies or for those wishing to get into the industry after sitting GCSEs, A-levels or graduating, candidates have plenty of possibilities when it comes to their career options.

There are plenty of options to pursue professional qualifications and apprenticeships, which will ensure that individuals are equipped with the vital skills and experience needed to excel in their chosen field. Fortunately, most leading companies in the financial services support junior staff with their professional qualifications, usually by sponsoring them and providing them with bursaries, all of which makes an excellent starting point for a career in this industry. 

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Original article published in Guernsey Press Careers Review on 12.06.2018