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Employment Opportunities Plentiful for Job Seekers in Jersey

  • Publish Date: Posted 23 July 2018
  • Author: Faron Le Prevost

​The past year has seen significant employment growth and recovery in Jersey following Brexit negotiations creating a safe haven for UK investors and businesses.  The island’s job market has bolstered and there are now countless employment opportunities in all of the major sectors, including commercial, finance and banking. 

In particular, there has been notable growth in junior to mid-level roles in the wealth management arena, with many available vacancies to fill, with great demand for high-quality, skilled candidates. Businesses are extremely welcoming of entry-level candidates while there are plenty of opportunities for more experienced job seekers in sectors such as accounting, audit and tax, banking, consultancy, corporate finance, financial advisory and insurance, offering steady growth along with excellent benefits to young employees. As such, if you are about to finish school or graduate, now is a certainly a good time to consider your employment opportunities here in Jersey.  

The ideal starting point for your career 

Jersey has long been regarded as a leading international finance centre with a robust regulatory framework and high fiscal standards, particularly when it comes to transparency. The substantial and diverse banking sector – the largest employer on the island – remains a key contributor of economic value, while its financial industry continues to evolve, adapt and strengthen.  Further, Jersey’s government agencies remain involved with reforms and innovations, piloting emerging technologies including blockchain and software robotics.  

Many international companies are situated here, largely as a result of Brexit, while the island is seen as a safe haven with its own laws and citizens of the commonwealth. All of this demonstrates the strength and appeal of Jersey as a place that offers a competitive, adaptable employment environment that is ideal for those about to begin their professional careers. 

While demand for graduates is high, businesses remain on the lookout for high calibre, appropriately skilled and passionate individuals to help strengthen their businesses and continue to build on their successes. As such, young job seekers must be as prepared as possible for the job market as they make the transition from student to employee. 

And although factors such as good grades and hard skills are important, businesses are also seeking candidates who possess soft skills such as honesty, flexibility, problem-solving, decisiveness, positive attitude and an ability to work under pressure – all of which are highly desired and valued by organisations. Candidates must also demonstrate their technical competency within the rapidly evolving world of business, while knowledge of their preferred sector must be second-to-none. It’s also vital to be as prepared as possible prior to the interview by carrying out in-depth research about the role you are interviewing for, the company and your chosen area of specialisation.

Broadening your options when it comes to employment 

If you are seeking an alternative to additional studies or would like to kick-start your career upon completing school, college or university, there are a number of local training and employment schemes on offer, including the opportunity to pursue professional qualifications, training courses and apprenticeship programmes in your chosen field. 

This provides a more practical, hands-on approach to learning designed to equip you with the skills needed to succeed in your chosen field while giving you a taste of your chosen industry. Many leading companies in the financial services sector support junior staff with their professional qualifications, usually by sponsorship and bursaries, all of which presents a fantastic starting point for a career in this industry. 

Gaining the right support 

As a young job seeker, the prospect of finding employment might seem overwhelming. For this reason, it’s recommended to call upon the services of a professional recruitment agency such as AP Personnel, who are ideally situated and highly experienced to support candidates throughout the recruitment process. 

AP Personnel is a highly reputable international recruitment agency offering uniquely tailored services in all areas related to job seeking. Regarded as a market leader in Jersey with a strong presence on the island since 1998, the team of specialist consultants plays a critical role for young job seekers, working carefully to connect the right individuals to the right opportunities. 

They are committed to helping job seekers prepare for the world of work in a meticulous and conscientious manner, and remain on hand to guide candidates throughout every stage of the process. From career’s advice, market information and counselling to pre-interview preparation, CV writing tips and much more, AP Personnel’s dedicated consultants work closely with job seekers to refine their search for recruitment, maximise their career prospects and land their ideal role. 

With the financial and commercial sectors continuing to grow at a steady rate, now has never been a better time to begin your professional career in Jersey. If you are a graduate or an experienced job seeker looking to accelerate your professional career in Jersey, contact AP Personnel on 715757, established in the island since 1998.

Original article published in Jersey Evening Post Careers Review on 23.07.2018