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The benefits of recruitment agencies far outweigh the costs

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 February 2021
  • Author: Andrzej Brzezinski

Andrzej Brzezinski, Manager of AP Personnel Jersey explains how the activity of professionally qualified recruiters stimulates the Jersey job market, influences the effective use of human resources by companies, and contributes to the efficient functioning of companies in the current job market and Covid 19 epidemic.

Going back to Covid free January of last year, it is impossible not to notice that the present-day reality is completely different in Jersey since January 2021. Although the world already knew about Covid-19 in 2019 the problem did not arouse such great fears and emotions at that time, the world was naïve.  Lockdowns, turbulent Brexit politics, the growing tension between the USA and China had a large impact on global markets and affected the broadly understood economic activities. Possible inclusion of Jersey by the European Union on the black list of tax havens and related consequences for businesses that operate from Jersey, as well as growing fears that London could become a rival ‘offshore’ finance centre additionally increase the feeling of uncertainty.

Undoubtedly, companies are currently facing many challenges. Many companies and corporations introduce processes improvement and organisational changes in order to adapt to any new situation. They conduct effective risk management and have a well-planned human resource strategy in place, knowing that people are their most valuable resource. 

Organisations in Jersey, mainly in the financial services, insurance, legal, IT and commercial sectors, rely at times on the use of external recruiting specialists. We have been cooperating with many regular clients for years. Partnering with an established recruitment agency can be highly beneficial to a company as a whole. Everybody knows the basic purpose of a recruitment agency, which is to help job seekers find new roles, while helping companies find the perfect person. Not everyone realises all the other benefits for organisations that come with using a recruitment agency. Especially during uncertain market conditions, organizations should not rely on the candidate to find them. The best employees do not necessarily explore the job market they expect a reliable and experienced recruiter to do that job for them.

Higher-quality candidates

Using a recruitment agency’s services increases a client’s ability to meet with high-quality suitable candidates. AP Personnel has been assisting Channel Island businesses with the recruitment of staff for 30 years. We focus on attracting the most talented candidates and local businesses to partner with, to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry and that we can offer job seekers the best companies to work for in the island. Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with the best talented staff available in the local and international job market.

Extended reach

A good recruiter knows how to network with the right candidates to meet their clients’ needs. AP Personnel are constantly looking for the best jobseekers from many sectors in order to be able to offer our clients the strongest candidates. At the same time, we explore the job market, compose job adverts, post them to number of job boards and use modern tools to reach valuable candidates who are the most difficult to find.

Perfect match

During candidate registration process, the recruiter performs a pre-screening, carefully evaluating and interviewing both active and passive jobseekers before presenting their cv to clients. The task of the recruiter is to make sure the candidate will be measurably beneficial to the client and a perfect match will happen. The client and successful candidate will have the opportunity to maximise their company and new employee potential and they will be in line with their professional interests.

Faster hiring

With a vast talent pool in the database, extensive network of connections, access to expensive recruiter systems and the best tools that help locate people with hard to find skills, a recruitment agency can find candidates quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we will conduct a thorough pre-selection process and also make sure that a candidate's salary expectations are realistic and do not exceed the client’s budgets. This will make the hiring task easier for HR teams or line managers, so they can use their working time more efficiently and fulfil their business objectives and work / life balance.

Specialist knowledge

Recruitment consultants can distinguish themselves through the continuous training and development in cooperation with a recognised recruitment agencies representative body. Thanks to on the job and professional training, AP Personnel understand client and candidates needs and we are therefore able to offer expertise advice when needed.  This can relate to salary benchmarks requested by clients through to recommendations to candidates of the best companies to work for in Jersey.

Quality of service

Companies are in no way obliged to hire or even interview the candidate presented by the consultant. Companies looking to hire staff do not bear any financial costs related to using the services of an employment agency if no candidate is eventually hired. This means that in such a case the recruiter, despite the work done, will not receive compensation from the client and works normally on a success only basis – no offer to candidate – no fee to the agency.  Our success is purely based on finding the right candidate for our valued clients. This means that the real value of our services is through hard work and knowledge of our industry in a local and competitive job market.