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The Jersey job market is still buoyant

  • Publish Date: Posted 24 April 2023
  • Author: Faron Le Prevost, Senior Manager

​The employment market in Jersey has seen a significant shift over the past few years, particularly since the UK left the European Union. Jersey has become a location of choice for UHNW investors. This has created an increasing number of job vacancies, candidates have more opportunities to enhance their careers than ever before. The buoyant job market has also led to a more competitive playing field with employers struggling to fill positions in a timely manner. As a result, the hiring process to find suitable staff is taking longer, which is causing frustration for both candidates and HR professionals and more importantly line managers looking for a full complement of staff.

Previously, it would take around two weeks from the time of application to employment, but now it is taking closer to two months. This extended timeline is due to several factors. First, there is an increase in the number of job vacancies, which means more candidates to sort through. Second, the hiring process has become more rigorous, with employers taking the time to ensure they are hiring the right person for the job. Finally, the pandemic has created additional challenges, such as the need for virtual interviews and remote onboarding.

While it may be frustrating, it is important to remember that this is an employee's market. Candidates have more leverage and are looking for companies that offer a positive culture fit, career progression, work-life balance, and competitive salary packages. Employers are aware of this shift and are having to adjust their hiring practices accordingly.

At AP Personnel we are noticing a number of clients are shortening the hiring process to one or maximum two interviews before making formal offers to our candidates. HR managers are ensuring that the hiring line managers from their organisation who are responsible for selecting our candidates cvs for interview process are putting this important job as a priority. This is to ensure that current employees, who are at times working long hours, to cover for staff shortages are noticing that the company are being proactive in finding new recruits to help alleviate the stress that current employees are under.

A number of our candidates when registering with AP Personnel, strongly specify the reason they are looking for a new job is because of the pressure of work and stress they are under and they cannot cope with the long working hours they are being expected to do. Our clients who are adopting this new concept of quickening the hiring process are the winners in terms of retaining their quality staff and ensuring the company have happy employees.

Despite the challenges in the current job market, there are still areas that are in high demand. Funds, trusts, private equity, fiduciary and company secretarial roles continue to be in high demand, with companies actively seeking candidates with the relevant skills and experience. This means that candidates with these skill sets have a strong advantage of finding alternative employment and obtaining the right work / lifestyle balance in the current job market.

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